Zeus Virus OMG

So the other day I was sitting at the computer and checking out some of my favorite bloggers.  Out of nowhere I get this pop up screen and everything freezes.  I panicked..pretty much because this is a brand new computer.  I was questioning my computer savvyness, if that is even a word.  What did I do? What is going on? I have lots of protection so which program failed.





If I click on anything my entire life will be compromised..What to do !!

I grab my phone and I call the number, after all, it’s Microsoft right?  Surely they will help me unlock the computer and keep all my info safe.

A very polite man answers the phone and begins to tell me what happened and how EVERYTHING is now compromised if I don’t stop Zeus in its tracks.  Now I am almost in tears.  He asks if its OK for him to access my computer remotely…HMMMM…now I’m a bit uncomfortable.  He assures me I will be able to see what he doing with the cursor so no worries.

YES!! Im a fool, I allowed him to do so.  About 1 minute in he explained it would only be 200 dollars to correct it, as no damage has been done yet.  HMMM, red flags flying so I disconnect him remotely but remained on the phone.  I explained to him that there was no way I was paying him a dime and I will figure it out myself.  Well well Mr. nice man on the phone changed his tune.  He began to berate me and tell me I was being “ignorant” and my identity will be stolen in no time at all.  He became very pushy to say the least and said my hard drive will crash within the next 2 days.  I got so aggravated because I knew I was being taken for sure.  CLICK..bye bye Mr. Scam artist.

So now, here is what you need to do to unlock the screen.  CONTROL, ALT, DELETE.  That brings up the task manager.  Find the “adware” that”s running, because that is all it is, and close it!

I then ran every scan I have and there was not one virus or malware found.

They almost had me, Ill admit it.  Dont let it happen to you.