When Your Dog Gets Fleas

Ok so although this is way off topic of what I am looking to share with everyone, I still think it is worth some attention.

Over the past couple of days I noticed my dog trying desperately to bite at the base of his tail. I honestly thought “here we go again” as my fur baby has a history of skin problems. Nothing constant, but in the winter months he has some issues (last year was a nightmare).

I had planned on giving him a bath in a day or two as soon as my schedule would permit, and then start with the lotions and potions again. That changed in an instant when my son texted me and said “he has fleas”. Immediate panic as I have heard stories from others about how they had to do multiple “treatments” to their dog and home to get rid of the infestation. I have never had an animal that acquired fleas…EVER…The occasional tick here and there but never fleas. I consider myself lucky because I do not use flea or tick medication or collars..Never have, not changing now.

I refuse to put any poison in or on my dog,  That is just me and everyone has a right to their beliefs and how they handle their pets.

So what to do now. There has got to be a way to help this dog without pumping full of pesticide.

A little research and here is what I did. After I managed to get the dog in the tub..never easy…I soaked him with some warm water..I cant even begin to tell you how shocked i was when the water in the tub at first was a dark reddish brown and then started to turn red…blood bath…as I focused the water stream on the base of his tail area, what came out of his coat was horrific. This poor dog was being chewed up by these fleas. I guess it is because he is black I didnt see how badly he was bleeding.

After about 15 minutes of this I lathered him up with Dawn dish soap, the blue one. I worked it into a lather and left it on.  I then took a spray bottle with white vinegar and soaked him with that on top of the dish soap.  I worked the vinegar into his coat. He did not like the smell and was trying to get out of the tub. I kept giving him treats to distract him though. After about 10 minutes I started to rinse him off.  Well I will say I was super impressed and relieved with what I saw. The dead fleas were literally falling off him. Actually the tub was loaded with them. Although it was disgusting to look at I was happy that this mixture killed them instantly.

I repeated the process again just to be sure. I swear my dog was relieved. I got him out and dried him off and brushed him. His coat is super shiny and soft but more importantly, no more scratching. I am probably going to do it again in a couple of days.

Of course I cleaned my house like a lunatic as well. I’m lucky I don’t have carpets. I still made sure I vacuumed and washed my hardwood floors and the leather sofas.

Another trick I found is that if you spray lemon water on your dog it will repel any further flea problem. However it will not kill any existing fleas.

Not that I wish infestation on anyone, but if it happens and you are not about using pesticides, I suggest you give this a try first.

One more thing, Protect your furbabies eyes from this mixture!!

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